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Readers' Favorite Five Stars!

Reviewed by Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite

Identical twin sisters, Charlene and Danielle, did everything together until marriage separated them. After Charlene’s first engagement broke up, she entered a whirlwind romance and married Jonathan, the heir to a financial institution. What started as the perfect marriage turned disastrous. Charlene endured physical and emotional abuse, isolation, infidelities, and slavery. When she discovered Jonathan’s plan to kill her, Charlene knew it was time to save herself. Charlene, a medical forensic investigator, teamed up with Danielle, a chemical engineer, to thwart Jonathan’s plans. However, everything changed when Jonathan got into trouble with the law. Charlene’s ex-fiance, FBI Agent Brian, stepped in to investigate. Charlene and Danielle employ top skills to preserve their lives as they avoid the lawman’s trap in A Change in Destiny (Dark Choices) by Janet K. Shawgo. How far will you go to save yourself from a narcissistic spouse? A Change in Destiny (Dark Choices) by Janet K. Shawgo is a tale of love, commitment, abuse, deceit, family, business, survival, law, and everything. While reading this novel, I felt a cocktail of emotions, from intense happiness to absolute disgust! I cheered for the twins because they rode together until the wheels fell off. Kiara, Donna, Namisha, and Ginger also reminded me that when women rise, they’re unstoppable. I could not stand Monique, Brian, Styles, and Jonathan because they were my worst characters. The unique plot, stellar development, and unforgettable characters in this novel appealed to me. However, there were lessons about looking before leaping and never giving second chances to abuse. Sometimes, we don’t know how bad a situation is until lives flash before our eyes. Janet is a fantastic writer, and I wished the book did not end. Thank you for a beautiful story, Janet.

Preorder your copy today at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target,, and Walmart.

The release will be December 14th, 2023

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