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The Bishop’s Palace

Posted by Literary Titan

Janet K. Shawgo’s The Bishop’s Palace is a captivating work of paranormal fiction that explores how a local mystery brings an entire town together. Set around a corrupt Bishop who sold his soul for the sake of greed, this gripping story revolves around the Bishop’s Palace and the treasure that lies within. The youth of the town, as well as several from neighboring towns, went in search of this treasure but never returned. The protagonist, Morlanna Miller, is a journalist trying to make a name for herself in the male-dominated world of journalism. Despite facing severe opposition from her boss and colleagues, she investigates the Bishop’s Palace and becomes trapped by the cursed Bishop. As the townspeople become aware of the situation, a sense of discontent grows, but will it be enough to save Morlanna? Shawgo’s writing style is both strong and inspiring. Morlanna is a fearless character who fills the book with empowering energy. While the protagonist’s initial hostility can be overwhelming, her actions become understandable as the story progresses. The characters are well-developed, with the townspeople and the town itself beautifully reflecting the society of the time and engaging readers. I appreciated the book’s representation of strong female characters. The book’s primary focus remains on the women of the town and Morlanna, and even the Bishop’s Curse represents the relevance of females. The story is incredibly empowering for female readers, showcasing Morlanna’s sass and courage while avoiding overshadowing her achievements with the male gaze. The Bishop’s Palace presents multiple motifs throughout the story. The city represents the oppression of women, while the country’s life portrays freedom of choice and influential women in society. The Bishop’s Palace is highly recommended for readers looking for a fresh perspective on female characters in a suspense and thriller novel. While the plot may be clichéd in terms of a superhero bringing society together to destroy evil, the freedom, and strength that Morlanna experiences in this story are incredibly fulfilling. Pages: 148 | ASIN : B0B352THVW

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